San Diego’s Hometown Beer Welcomes its 10th Season

San Diego’s Hometown Beer Welcomes its 10th Season

AleSmith celebrates ten years of .394 San Diego Pale Ale

SAN DIEGO, CA (June 2024) – As AleSmith Brewing Company marks a decade since the debut of San Diego Pale Ale .394, the iconic collaboration with Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn, the brewery is thrilled to announce a special week-long celebration. From Tuesday, June 11th to Friday, June 14th, AleSmith invites beer and baseball enthusiasts to enjoy specials on .394 Pale Ale at their Tasting Room in Miramar.

Originally introduced at Padres Beerfest in 2014, San Diego Pale Ale .394, named after Gwynn’s career-high 1994 batting average, has become a beloved symbol of the city where it originated. Crafted to Tony Gwynn’s specifications of being “light with a kick,” this hoppy pale ale captures the essence of San Diego’s craft beer scene.

Reflecting on the profound impact of .394, AleSmith Owner, Peter Zien, shared, “After Tony passed, Alicia Gwynn expressed the importance of keeping Tony’s dream alive through this beer. We’ve poured our heart and soul into every batch of .394 to honor his legacy, and it’s incredible to see its widespread acclaim.”

AleSmith has since expanded the .394 product lineup with a hazy version in 2019, now available year-round. Additionally, the introduction of Session .394 in 2023—a lower alcohol option sporting the City Connect colors—has further enriched the range. Notably, the hometown pack featuring all three brands was launched at the start of 2024, offering fans a comprehensive taste of AleSmith innovation. .394 Pale Ale is growing 7.19% YTD, outpacing the category. The .394 Brand (including Hazy and Hometown) is growing at 20%, significantly outpacing the category.

“Partnering with Peter and Vicky Zien and AleSmith Brewery over the past decade to produce .394 beer has been an incredible journey,” says Alicia Gwynn. “It’s been an honor to create a brew that not only celebrates Tony’s legacy but also brings joy to so many beer enthusiasts. Together, we’ve built something truly special, and I look forward to many more years of collaboration and success.”

The beer has quickly become one of the most popular among San Diegans and makes up roughly 50% of the beer produced at AleSmith. “Seeing how this beer has resonated with fans and beer lovers alike is truly heartwarming,” says Tony Gwynn Jr. “It’s more than just a brew; it’s a tribute to my father’s passion and dedication.”

“It’s a testament to my father’s enduring influence and the love people have for his memory” Anisha Gwynn, daughter of Tony Gwynn, added. “I’m proud of how .394 has become a symbol of his legacy, bringing people together to celebrate his life and achievements.”

In conjunction with this anniversary, Ground Floor Murals, local muralists, Paul Jimenez and Signe Ditona, known for their vibrant artistry, will be painting two Tony Gwynn murals to winners of a social media giveaway—one at Bottle Rocket bar downtown and another at Mandarin House in La Jolla. These murals will be showcased for the Mr. Padre 2000th and 3000th release on August 3rd at AleSmith’s annual Tony Gwynn Day event. This event commemorates Tony Gwynn’s monumental career achievements, specifically his 2000th and 3000th hits, with this year marking the 25th anniversary of his 3000th hit.

Join us in toasting a decade of .394 San Diego Pale Ale, a tribute to a baseball icon and a testament to the enduring spirit of America’s Finest City. Let’s raise our glasses to timeless traditions and new beginnings!

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