Celebrating Nut Brown Ale’s Bronze Win at the Great American Beer Festival

Celebrating Nut Brown Ale’s Bronze Win at the Great American Beer Festival

We are thrilled to announce that our beloved Nut Brown Ale has brought home the bronze medal at this year’s Great American Beer Festival! This prestigious recognition is a testament to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that goes into every sip of this classic English-style ale.

A Flavorful Tribute

Nut Brown Ale is a labor of love and a tribute to one of our favorite British beer styles. With its deep mahogany hue, this ale captivates the eye from the moment it’s poured. But it’s the flavor profile that truly sets it apart.

A Perfect Balance

The rich, malt-forward character of Nut Brown Ale harmoniously blends notes of biscuit, mild cocoa, and earthy hops. Its smooth and creamy mouthfeel, along with its full-bodied nature, enhances its drinkability, making it an extremely sessionable ale.

Pairing Perfection

Nut Brown Ale’s complexity and depth of flavor make it a versatile companion for various culinary delights. We highly recommend pairing it with shellfish, salty foods, or Mexican dishes for an elevated dining experience.

Accolades and Awards

This year’s Great American Beer Festival saw Nut Brown Ale shine among fierce competition, earning a well-deserved bronze medal. However, this is not the first time our Nut Brown Ale has been recognized for its excellence. Over the years, it has secured numerous accolades, including gold medals at the San Diego Beer News Awards, California Craft Brewers Cup, and the San Diego International Beer Competition.

Visit Us and Raise a Glass

We invite you to visit our Tasting Room to experience the award-winning Nut Brown Ale firsthand. Immerse yourself in our welcoming atmosphere while indulging in this flavorful brew that has captured the hearts of beer enthusiasts around the world. Not able to stop by the brewery? Nut Brown is available in 22 states on taps and shelves throughout the United States. To find it near you, go to www.alesmith.com/find-our-beer/

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Cheers to Nut Brown Ale!

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our loyal fans and supporters who have made Nut Brown Ale the success it is today. We raise our glasses in celebration of this well-deserved recognition at the Great American Beer Festival. Cheers to the Nut Brown Ale, a true testament to our commitment to quality brewing!

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