AleSmith Brewing Company Releases New Speedway

AleSmith Brewing Company Releases New Speedway
San Diego Brewery Releases New Version of Speedway Stout 

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 2023)AleSmith Brewing Company is excited to announce the release of its latest addition to the Speedway Stout family – Speedway Stout: Affogato Edition. This imperial stout is meticulously crafted using premium espresso and Tahitian vanilla beans to offer craft beer connoisseurs an exquisite and indulgent coffee-beer experience.

At a 12% ABV, this imperial stout is more than just a beer – it’s a sensory journey. The premium espresso used in the recipe is carefully selected for its quality and flavor, enhancing the roasted malt notes and providing a balanced and satisfying bitterness. Meanwhile, the Tahitian vanilla beans add a hint of sweetness and a smooth, creamy texture that complements the coffee perfectly.

Packaged in 16oz 4-pack cans and draft, Speedway Stout: Affogato Edition is now available for wholesale distribution across California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Texas, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Virginia.

As one of our most popular and acclaimed beers, Speedway Stout has already won numerous awards and accolades, along with a 100 rating on RateBeer. With the addition of premium espresso and vanilla, the Affogato Edition takes this already world-class beer to new heights, offering a rich and complex flavor profile that would make even the most discerning coffee connoisseur proud. Find Speedway Stout Affogato Edition by visiting AleSmith’s Tasting Room, ordering online (CA Shipping available), or by checking out the brewery’s Beer Finder to find a retailer closest to you!

ABV: 12%

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