AleSmith Brewing Company Releases New .394 Hometown Mixed Pack

AleSmith Brewing Company Releases New .394 Hometown Mixed Pack

Available Now throughout San Diego County

SAN DIEGO, CA (Jul. 2023) – AleSmith Brewing Company is proud to announce the release of its latest innovation— a mixed pack of its popular craft beer, .394 Pale Ale. The company is launching a 12-pack of 12oz cans of .394 Pale Ale, Hazy .394, and Session .394, the newest addition to the .394 lineup in 2023.

AleSmith has long been a staple in the San Diego craft beer scene, with their .394 Pale Ale remaining a fan favorite for years. As the brewery grows in popularity and expands their offerings, they have continued to innovate and develop new versions of the beloved beer. The .394 Hometown Packs represent the latest addition to this ever-growing lineup.

In addition to the classic .394 Pale Ale, the mixed packs will include Hazy .394 – a juicy and refreshing interpretation of the original – and Session .394 – a lighter, more sessionable version of the beer released just this year. The pack will offer a little something for every beer enthusiast, whether they prefer a classic pale ale, a hazy IPA, or a lower ABV option.

For nearly a decade, AleSmith has been brewing .394 Pale Ale, in collaboration with baseball legend Tony Gwynn, who was famous for his love of beer and San Diego-style Pale Ale. With the newest mixed Hometown Packs, AleSmith Brewing Company continues this tradition of tribute by offering beer enthusiasts an opportunity to experience Gwynn’s love for beer and his city.

“We’re excited to introduce the new .394 Hometown Pack, which features our full lineup of .394 beers,” said Brandon Richards, President of AleSmith Brewing Company. “We believe the combination of our classic .394 Pale Ale, the juicy and tropical Hazy .394, and the refreshing Session .394 creates the perfect mixed pack for any occasion, whether you’re at the ballpark or enjoying a backyard BBQ with friends and family.”

The .394 Hometown Pack is now available for purchase at select Ralph’s, Total Wine & More, Bevmo, and other independent retailers throughout San Diego, just in time for summer. Whether you’re an avid beer or baseball fan, this mixed pack is the perfect way to celebrate San Diego’s rich beer and baseball culture. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the ultimate .394 experience with AleSmith Brewing Company’s .394 Hometown Pack.

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