The Team


  • Peter Zien

    Peter Zien


  • 04_Vicky

    Vicky Zien


  • 03_Cintia

    Cintia Laijonmaa

    Manager of Finance & Accounting

  • Ryan Crisp

    Ryan Crisp

    Head Brewer/Manager, Brewery Operations

  • james

    James Valles

    Director of Sales

  • Sharon

    Sharon Fagan

    Manager of Human Resources

  • Brandon

    Brandon Hernández

    Marketing Manager

  • Leticia

    Leticia Rodriguez

    Tasting Room Manager

Sales / Marketing / Admin / Accounting

  • Alex Barbiere

    Alex Barbiere

    Marketing Specialist

  • Melissa

    Melissa Wellman

    Event Coordinator

  • Steve

    Steve James

    Staff Accountant

  • Heidi

    Heidi Teuben

    Executive/HR Assistant

  • Steve Zigray

    Steve Zigray

    Territory Sales Rep

  • Chantel

    Chantel Nicastro

    Supply Chain Specialist

  • Shea

    Shea Lodwig

    Sales Coordinator

  • Denise Velasco

    Denise Velasco

    Accounting Assistant

  • Clay

    Clay Parker

    Network Administrator

  • Jenna

    Jenna Schamber

    Admin Assistant


  • Anthony Chen

    Anthony Chen

    Lead Brewer/Supervisor

  • Tod Fitzsimmons

    Tod Fitzsimmons

    Brewer/Supply Guru

  • Bill Batten

    Bill Batten

    Sr. Brewer

  • Brian Crecely

    Brian Crecely


  • Jon

    Jonathan Wilson

    Sr. Packaging Specialist

  • Will L

    Will Izor

    Warehouse Lead/Beer Ambassador

  • Annelise

    Annelise Arevelo-Smith


  • Kevin

    Kevin Shanks

    Packaging Lead

  • Peter Cronin

    Peter Cronin

    Quality Tech

  • Ryan Chik

    Ryan Chik

    Maintenance Tech

  • Ross

    Ross Cummings

    Packaging Specialist

  • Jonathan Galaviz

    Jonathan Galaviz

    Packaging Tech

  • Matthew F.

    Matthew Fisette

    Senior Cellar Person

  • Collin Field

    Collin Field


  • Mike Imbriglio

    Mike Imbriglio

    Brewer / Brewery Lead

  • Al

    Alephonsion Deng

    Packaging Assistant

  • Anthony

    Anthony Moore

    Packaging Assistant

  • Fred

    Fred Hollman


  • Roy

    Roy Nitka

    Packaging Assistant

  • Robert

    Robert Chen

    Cellar Person/Agronomist

  • Doug

    Doug Bradshaw

    Packaging Assistant

  • Duane

    Dwayne Buchanan

    Warehouse Assistant

Tasting Room

  • Nick Betteker (cropped)

    Nick Betteker

    Tasting Room Supervisor

  • 03_Brian

    Brian Doll

    Beer Tender/Photographer

  • Kira - 2

    Kira Bouchard

    Beer Tender/Tasting Room Lead

  • Shannon Rogers (cropped)

    Shannon Rogers

    Beer Tender/Tasting Room Trainer

  • Eric

    Eric McCoy

    Beer Tender/Tasting Room Events

  • Patrick

    Patrick Chohany

    Beer Tender/Tasting Room Technician

  • Tyson Dennis

    Tyson Dennis

    Beer Tender/Tasting Room Technician

  • Connor

    Connor McGinley

    Beer Tender

  • Emily

    Emily Walker

    Beer Tender/Tasting Room Lead

  • Chelsea

    Chelsea Torres

    Beer Tender

  • Kikue

    Kikue Misite

    Beer Tender

  • Leah

    Leah Milton

    Beer Tender

  • Lauren Gray

    Lauren Gray

    Beer Tender

  • Jessica

    Jessica Potochniak

    Beer Tender

  • Sara

    Sara Zeimantz

    Beer Tender

  • Spencer

    Spencer Jackson

    Beer Tender/Tasting Room Technician

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