Alex Barbiere

Alex Barbiere

Marketing Specialist

Favorite Year-Round AleSmith Beer:

Speedway Stout

Favorite Seasonal AleSmith Beer:

Evil Dead Red

Favorite Festival Attended:

San Diego CityBeat Festival

What Are Your Thoughts on the San Diego Craft Beer Scene and AleSmith's role in it?

San Diego's explosive beer industry has grown beyond imagination. Beer has become culturally revered in a new way, and the unique culture within the industry itself has matured. It's unlikely this is due to any one brewery alone, but I give a lot of credit to the premier breweries like AleSmith that have been producing carefully crafted beers since the mid-90’s. Other breweries may come and go, but AleSmith is here to stay and is only getting better.

How your history with craft beer has developed your passion for craft brewing:

"How could something this awesome be made at home?" This was the first of many beer-related questions I asked myself after being introduced to the craft. It was only a few days later my buddy and I were shopping around for our first brew kit, both totally unaware that our little hobby would turn into a life changing passion that would take us into the industry.

Tell a little about youself:

On my days off, you can find me out in the water if the surf is good, enjoying time with my family if it's not, and playing classic video games with my girlfriend. I have a degree in International Business and spend my money working my way around the globe. My life is filled with characters, good beer, and memorable experiences... I wouldn't have it any other way.