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AleSmith Sublime Mexican Lager FAQ

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  • What should I expect to see and experience at your brewery during the day of the release party?
    • First and foremost, you should expect to have fun with fellow Sublime and AleSmith fans in a safe, friendly environment.  You should expect to see and hear DJ Product 1969c (of Robbin’ The Hood fame) on stage spinning.  You should also expect to witness live graffiti art demonstrations, as three artists work on their Sublime-themed masterpieces before your very eyes. You should expect tasty food offerings available for purchase from three of San Diego’s finest food trucks.  You should also expect the opportunity to possibly score a signed poster from Bud Gaugh (drummer) and Opie Ortiz (artist), as well as snap a photo with both of them.  Due to the popularity of the band and our brewery, you should also expect a high volume of people.  As such, there will be a high possibility of long lines for entrance, at the bar and beer tents, at bottle pickup and merchandise tables, at poster signing area, at the restrooms, etc.  We have planned measures to help keep the lines moving as quickly as possible, so please do not get discouraged at the sight of these lines.  Parking will be VERY limited at the brewery as well.  Please see one of the following questions below pertaining where you can park your vehicle for more information.  Lastly, please expect to deal with warm and sunny San Diego Summer weather. Although there is indoor space in our tasting room, the majority of the highlighted release party festivities will be held in our outdoor event space.
  • Where is your brewery and the event venue located?
    • We are located at: 9990 AleSmith Court, San Diego, CA 92126. We are located off Miramar Rd. in between the 15 and 805 Freeways, just a half mile east of the white pyramid.
  • Where can I park my vehicle?
    • Parking will be extremely limited, so we highly recommend carpooling or using alternative methods of travel such as ride-sharing services like Lyft. Should you still feel compelled to drive, you are welcome to park in available spots at our brewery address. However, a good portion of this event will extend into our parking lot severely cutting down our capacity for vehicles. We will have event staff on-hand to help direct parking traffic. Once on-site parking is full, staff will be directing cars to park in designated off-site lots and also highly encouraging cars to find street parking on neighboring streets like Trade Street and Trade Place, which are both located behind our brewery. Off-site parking sites and Trade Street/Place street parking will be just a short walk away from our brewery and the event.
  • What time does the Sublime Release Party start?
    • Our tasting room will have regular operating hours that day (July 15) 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. However, the event is officially scheduled to start at 5 p.m. and end at 8 p.m. AleSmith Sublime Mexican Lager will only be served at 5 p.m., after the official release of the beer has been announced.
  • Do I need a ticket to attend the release party at the brewery on July 15th?
    • The release party is free of charge. There are no tickets required to be in attendance. We are expecting a large crowd.  As such, we are subject to capacity limits in accordance to Fire Marshall code. Once we are at capacity we will implement a “One in, One out” policy for entry, with the reserved right to cap entry altogether when we have reached our occupancy limit.
  • How old do you have to be to attend the event? Can I bring my children?
    • On a normal day at AleSmith Brewing Co., we are a family friendly establishment with all ages welcome. However, the Sublime Release Party will be a special event.  We will be checking IDs and providing wristbands to guests 21 years of age and up upon entry into the event space.  We will not ban underage guests from entry into the event though.  Due to the nature of the event and the amount of people expected, we highly recommend NOT bringing any minors.
  • I struck out on the online bottle sale and wasn’t able to buy my 40 oz. bottle, am I still able to attend the Sublime Release Party?
    • Yes, all are welcome to attend regardless of whether or not you were able to buy a 40 oz. bottle. Your 40 oz. bottle purchase does not guarantee you entrance into the event however.  Once we hit capacity, we will implement a “One in, One out” entry policy in order to abide to Fire Marshall code.  Should we hit capacity, you will still be allowed entry for bottle pickup only as long as you do not intend to attend the release party at any point during that evening.  We do plan to bottle more 40 oz. bottles in 2018.  In the meantime, we will have the beer available on draft and in 12 oz. cans as early as mid-August in SoCal. Distribution of draft and cans scheduled for mid-August to September in 18 states.
  • Will you be selling the AleSmith x Sublime Mexican Lager 40 oz. Bottles during the release party?
    • No. Unfortunately, all of the 40 oz. bottles were exclusively pre-sold as part of our online sale on July 8th. If you missed out on the sale, we will be bottling and selling the 40 oz. bottles again in 2018. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media for updates.
  • When can I pick up my bottle?
    • If you ARE NOT attending the launch party at AleSmith this Saturday (July 15), you have two options:
      • You have until August 27, 2017. No need to worry that we’ll run out – you purchased your limited edition 40 oz. bottle and we will have it waiting for you whenever you can make it in to pick it up.
      • Pick up your bottle at AleSmith starting at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, though please note parking will be limited or unavailable due to a busy day. The bottle pick up area will be located near the entrance to the brewery. Don’t forget: you are only allowed to pick up your own pre-purchased bottle and possibly one other bottle if you are designated as someone else’s pickup person. Click here for more info on bottle pickup. If you decide to wait, we will keep your bottle cold for you until you stop by to pick it up another day, through August 27, 2017.
    • If you ARE attending the launch party at AleSmith this Saturday, we are excited to see you! We will be holding bottle pickup as folks leave the event so you don’t have to carry it around or worry about misplacing it, and so it stays cold and fresh. Let us hold onto it while you enjoy the celebration and cold Sublime Mexican Lager on draft. Your bottle pickup will be waiting for you when you’re ready to head home!
  • How am I able to enjoy AleSmith Sublime Mexican Lager during the event?
    • We will be serving AleSmith Sublime Mexican Lager on draft during the event. In order to streamline things and cut down wait times in lines, we will presell general beer tickets at numerous locations within the event space.
  • For the poster signing, will Bud and Opie sign additional items?
    • This one is a difficult question to answer. Both Bud and Opie are definitely doing the signing session as a display of appreciation for their fans. They would like to be able to provide as many fans with signed posters as much as possible. However, their schedule only permits a one hour session. Depending on the crowd that day, band management will make the executive decision on whether or not up to ONE ADDITIONAL ITEM may get signed. Everyone that successfully waits in line and gets to the signing table before the line gets capped will at least receive a signed poster.
  • Will you be selling other Sublime merchandise during the event?
    • Yes, we will be selling shirts, pint glasses, and stickers featuring the AleSmith Sublime Mexican Lager branding.
  • I’m coming in from out of town and I’m not familiar with the San Diego area, what are the closest hotels to AleSmith Brewing Company?


  • What do I need in order to pickup my bottle?
    • Please make sure you bring your Photo ID along with yours or the buyer’s Eventbrite confirmation (printed or on your mobile device).
  • If I purchased a 40 oz. bottle during the online bottle sale, can I have the bottle shipped to me?
    • Unfortunately not. Our shipping license does not allow for shipment of alcohol to individual residences. If you purchased a bottle online during the sale, please ensure ahead of time that you or someone you designated as your pickup person will be able to pick the bottle up during the designated pickup window of July 15 (beginning at 4:30pm) through August 27.
  • Can I buy another bottle while I’m picking up my online purchase?
    • No. Unfortunately, all of the 40 oz. bottles were exclusively pre-sold as part of our online sale on July 8th. If you would like to buy another bottle, we will be bottling and selling the 40 oz. bottles again in 2018. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media for updates.
  • I noticed that I mistyped my information during the Eventbrite checkout process, am I able to correct it prior to bottle pickup?
  • What happens to my bottle purchase if I can’t make it to the brewery by August 27, the last day for bottle pickups?
    • Any bottles not retrieved by SUNDAY, AUGUST 27 at 9 p.m. will be forfeited (sorry but no exceptions). Remember, WE ARE NOT ABLE TO SHIP BEER. So please make sure you are able to make it to the brewery or have designated a reliable pickup person.

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