The people have spoken and we have listened! Brought to you by popular demand, we are thrilled to introduce “Order of the Anvil,” AleSmith’s exclusive new beer club.

Onsite Registration is open, enroll in person at our Gift Shop located at 9990 AleSmith Ct, San Diego, CA 92126.

Instructions for purchasing membership ONLINE will be posted here on Monday, Dec 18th.

Membership for Order of the Anvil is $375 and is non-refundable. Membership commences January 1st, 2018 and concludes December 31st, 2018.

Membership Includes:

  • Ten (10) 750mL member-exclusive bottles for the year
    • Five (5) unique beer releases; Two (2) bottles of each release guaranteed; Options to purchase additional pending availability
      • Three (3) Barrel-Aged Speedway Stouts
      • One (1) Sour (AleSmith’s very first release of this style!)
      • One (1) Special Release currently being worked on by Specialty Brewer, Collin Field
  • Priority access to public bottle sales (see full details in section below)
  • Choice of work shirt or zip-up hoodie, branded with club logo
  • Limited edition “Order of the Anvil” snifter glass
  • Limited edition club branded bottle opener
  • Limited edition embroidered club logo patch
  • Exclusive access to members-only events

Additional Membership Benefits:

  • Options to purchase other member-exclusive merchandise
  • Membership Card
  • Extended 90-day pickup window for both member-exclusive and public release bottles
  • Use of designated trustee to pick up bottles on your behalf
  • First right to renew membership for following year

SPECIAL REGISTRATION BONUS: upon completing registration that day, we will be conducting a LIMITED vintage library bottle sale (while supplies last). Come grab some of your old favorites or discover an older beer that you originally missed out on! This introductory sale is our way of welcoming you into the club while we gather pertinent information from you to put together your official member swag and compile ideas for future added member benefits.

LIMITED Vintage Library Bottle Sale List (while supplies last):

2014 BA Old Numbskull
2015 BA Wee Heavy
2015 Brandy BA Old Numbskull
2016 Port BA Wee Heavy
2015 BA Speedway
2016 BA Speedway
2017 Rye BA Vietnamese Speedway
2017 Double BA Speedway Stout
Along with a LIMITED selection of special vintage bottles from Owner/CEO, Peter Zien’s personal collection:
2004 Barrel-Aged Old Numbskull(bottle #26 of 227)
2005 Speedway Stout (paper label)
2006 Grand Cru
2007 Barrel-Aged Speedway Stout
2008 Speedway Stout
2008 Wee Heavy
2009 Old Numbskull
2009 Grand Cru
2009 Decadence – Dunkel Weizenbock
2009 Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy (bottle #789 of 972)
2009 Barrel-Aged Speedway Stout
2010 Decadence – English-style Olde Ale
2010 Barrel-Aged Decadence – English-style Olde Ale
2011 Speedway Stout
2011 Decadence – Maple Smoked Barleywine
2013 Decadence – German-style Doppelbock


Member-Exclusive Bottles:

Our cellar team is working on a series of specialty releases specifically for this program. Since most of them are barrel-aged, we cannot commit to specific beer releases or a specific release schedule.  Membership bottles may be released at any point during the membership year of 2018. What we can commit to is that three (3) of the five releases will be barrel-aged Speedway Stout variants and at least one (1) of the five releases will be a product of our upcoming sour beer program.

For some of our membership-only releases, our cellar may produce more bottles than what is automatically allocated to the members as part of the program. These bottles will be available to the members for purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis. In the event that all bottles are not sold after member sales, we reserve the right to offer these beers to the public for onsite consumption within the brewery. In addition, we reserve the right to offer these specialty beers on draft to the public for a short window of time and/or during special events. Our every intention is to keep these beers and bottles as exclusive to members as much as possible.

Priority Access to Public Bottle Sales:

In addition to the membership exclusive bottles we will be producing in 2018, we will continue our tradition of offering to the public our unique, world-class quarterly beer releases.  As a member, you will have priority access to the majority of these releases.  However, there may be instances where we produce a beer specifically for a special event, group, or entity (eg. – Tony Gwynn 5.5k, collaborations with third parties, CheeseSmith, etc).  Depending on availability of these special releases, Order of the Anvil members may not be given priority access prior to the public release.  Once again, our every intention is to have members of this program receive premium access to all of our main public bottle releases.

We will reserve the right to allocate a designated number of bottles for these releases to ensure the public continues to have access to these specialty offerings.

Member-Exclusive Events:

Throughout the year, we will host events exclusively for members of Order of the Anvil. These events will include a Members Welcome Party at which member-exclusive merchandise will be distributed, a CheeseSmith Pre-Launch Private Event, and other unique events to be determined at a later date.


Membership exclusive merchandise will NOT be available for pickup immediately upon registration. To ensure the merchandise remains exclusive to members, we will be ordering only to meet demand. Shortly after the registration period, we will be hosting a Members Welcome Party at which you will receive your membership merchandise.  Those unable to attend will be able to pickup their membership merchandise within the tasting room during normal business hours.

We will continue to offer additional member exclusive merchandise throughout the duration of the membership year.  These items will be available for purchase and are not included in the initial registration fee.

Member-Exclusive Bottles/Merchandise Pickup:

Following release of any of our member-exclusive beers, members will have two options to pick up their bottles and/or merchandise: 1) Members are able to pick up items in the tasting room during normal business hours; 2) Members may designate a trustee (aka. proxy) to pick up their bottles and/or merchandise for them.  The use of (or a change of) a trustee requires at least 24 hours notice and a copy of identification for that designated person. Any benefits offered to members of Order of the Anvil do not apply to trustees.

The brewery will hold all membership bottles and merchandise for 90 days. In addition, we will hold all member purchases of public release bottles for the extended 90 day period.

First Right to Renew Membership for Following Year:

Order of the Anvil members will have the first right to renew for the 2019 membership program. The number of members accepted for the 2019 calendar year will be determined solely based on our production volumes and ability to continue to provide all members with exclusive bottles and experiences. We reserve the right to cancel the membership at the end of any membership year.

Termination of Membership:

The membership program runs from January 1st, 2018 through December 31st, 2018. It is non-refundable and members do not have the option to opt out during the course of the membership year.

An individual is allowed one membership. If a member is found to have multiple memberships, we reserve the right to cancel all memberships purchased by the member without refund. All beer purchased and/or obtained through your “Order of the Anvil” membership is for your own consumption. Please always feel free to enjoy the beers, share them, or trade them with friends. However, if any member is found to be illegally reselling our beer, we reserve the right to cancel any membership without refund.

For questions, please contact

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